Sunday, 17 December 2017

Why Do you need Crowns?

Sometimes, your dentist will tell you that you need a crown, and you might wonder why that is. Well, you’re about to find out. A crown is a form of a dental restoration that is actually used to help replace a tooth that is damaged, after it has an abutment put on it instead of being fully extracted. They’re something that often gives you a feeling of a tooth there, but you might wonder why people get them. Well, you’re about to find out, for this article will discuss why people get crowns, and what qualifies those people to get them.

Typically, people get crowns first of all when there is a fracture in the tooth that’s too big to restore with bonding. If you can fix it with bonding, they will, but if the fractured area is too big, you need to get a crown to replace these areas of the tooth. Sometimes, people will get veneers instead for the aesthetics of it, but it doesn’t replace the damaged parts of this, but instead it only covers it up superficially, which will leave the back exposed and susceptible to decay, which is often why a crown might need to be used.

If you need a large filling, such as if you have a lot of decay in the tooth, it can be a cause for a crown. If there is a lot, you need to get a lot of filling in order to restore it, especially if the decay is severe. But, a larger filling does make the tooth way more breakable because of the material, and it weakens it too. A better way to restore it is via a crown, which is often more durable and more stable than a mere dental filling.

Then it can be used after a root canal treatment. A root canal does require the reveal of the top parts of the tooth, and sometimes, having a crown is better than just filling it, because it will cover the entire tooth, so that it’s not susceptible to any further damage. The same goes for fillings as well. A crown will help keep the tooth a whole lot safer, and a lot stronger as a result of it all.

If you have a tooth with a broken cusp, such as the bumpy edges of it are damaged, a crown can help restore them. The crown can even be molded into the exact shape of the old tooth as well.

Then, if the tooth has completely worn enamel due to tooth much acidic foods and such, you might need a crown to replace it. It not only will look better, but it also can eliminate the sensitivity.

Then there are misshaped teeth. Veneers are expensive, and if you have a tooth that’s oddly-shaped, a crown can be a good replacement for it. It will require more material for removal, since the tooth will be trimmed down to the level of an abutment, but it does cost way less money, and you still get the aesthetics of this.

Then there are dental implants. If you want to permanently restore a tooth, you need a dental implant. The screw is typically put into the gums, and then on top of it, there is an abutment, and a crown attached. This is a great way to restore teeth and it definitely is satisfying as well.

Crowns and fillings are much better for you, since they definitely are more affordable, have a nicer appearance, a better biocompatibility, and even last longer too, and if you take care of it, they can last you a lifetime. The veneers and fillings are often less resistant, and they tend to break down with time.

Getting a crown is actually a great thing, especially if you have major dental decay in your mouth. They’re affordable, at least compared to other dental procedures, they work well, and ultimately, you can get the best results possible with a crown, which in turn will make you feel better and make you look way better as well. Try it today, and get a crown if you so feel like you need one too.

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